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Advanced Wheel - Winter 2020

For the accomplished potter, Kyle will provide individualized attention, with the focus on refining your craft, and enhancing your own personal style work. An area ... more

Intro to Risograph Printing - Winter 2020

Learn what all the hype is about! Students will print an edition of 10, 3-color 8.5”x11” prints of their own design created during this workshop. ... more

Meet the Flower City Arts Center - Winter 2020

Get to know the Flower City Arts Center! Check out our firehouse and see behind the scenes with our Executive Director. Learn about our history ... more

Monoprinting - Winter 2020

One print is pulled at a time and no two prints are alike with this painterly printmaking method. Techniques include transfer, reductive and additive, plus ... more

Flash! Fiction and Photography (Ages 14-17) for kids - Winter 2020

**Call Writers & Books, 585-473-2590 x107 for more information or to register.** In this collaborative experience with Writers & Books students will create their own ... more

Mini Journal Fling - Winter 2020

Learn how to make mini journals for yourself or to give as gifts. In this introductory course, you will learn how to make a journal ... more

Lovin’ Letterpress - Winter 2020

Immerse yourself in letterpress printing. Choose from our hundreds of fonts and learn to handset type from California Job cases. Print from a variety of ... more

Friday Fling: Ceramics - Winter 2020

The perfect date night – come to the studio and learn to throw a bowl! We provide the clay, the tools, and of course the ... more

Intro to Bookbinding - Winter 2020

In this introductory course, you will learn several hand-sewn book structures perfect for making pocket notebooks, address, journals, sketchbooks, and more. You’ll leave with the ... more

Handbuilding - Winter 2020

Learn to use traditional methods like pinching, coil, and slab to build functional and/or sculptural work. The skills learned are perfect for an absolute beginner ... more

Alternative Techniques in Collage - Winter 2020

Learn approaches to making collages through analog and digital processes. You will create collages and explore different approaches to manipulate and reproduce them through various ... more

Sports Photography: Amerks - Winter 2020

Learn what it takes to get great action sports photographs. The first class will provide students with advice and techniques dealing with etiquette, credentials, equipment, ... more

Friday Fling: Book Arts - Winter 2020

Start your weekend off right! Create with us while you sip your favorite adult beverage. A 3-hour whirlwind of letterpress printing, hand papermaking, and bookbinding. ... more

Creating Letterpress Plates with Adobe Illustrator - Winter 2020

Create photopolymer plates for letterpress printing using Adobe Illustrator. After spending two weeks in the digital lab learning some Illustrator basics and how best to ... more

Advanced Handbuilding: focus on Alternative Techniques - Winter 2020

For those with some handbuilding experience, this class will focus on more complex projects and individual explorations are encouraged. Special consideration will be given to ... more

Pop-Ups - Winter 2020

Come satisfy your curiosity about how pop up books and cards are made. Learn basic cutting and folding techniques for wrangling a flat piece of ... more

Creating Letterpress Plates with Adobe Illustrator - Spring 2020

Create photo polymer plates for letterpress printing using Adobe Illustrator. After spending two weeks in the digital lab learning some Illustrator basics and how best ... more

Watercolor Painting - Winter 2020

Take your watercolor paintings to the next level or learn the basics. We'll cover how to plan your painting no matter the subject. We will ... more

Fundamentals of Drawing - Winter 2020

In this class we’ll focus on developing observational skills and drawing techniques, using a variety of drawing media. No prior experience with drawing is required ... more

Mud Slingers I (Ages 6-9) for kids - Winter 2020

Mudslingers will give the young artist a complete understanding of the handbuilt ceramic process, from working the clay to creating and glazing their own unique ... more

Figurative Sculpture: the maquette and the vessel - Winter 2020

This class will take a look at modern and historical representations of the figure in art. Students will spend the first four weeks of the ... more

Viva! Short Course on Handbuilding (Ages 55+) - Winter 2020

Perfect for beginners or those with more experience, this class focuses on the handbuilding process through unique projects. Make a wine cooler, sushi tray, and ... more

Paper Marbling - Winter 2020

Paper marbling is a method of aqueous surface design, which can produce patterns similar to marble or other stone. It is often employed as a ... more

Be My Valentine! Family Jewelry Class (Ages 4+) for kids - Winter 2020

Create one-of-a-kind beads and pendants, using textured mats and handbuilding techniques. You'll be able to add color with underglaze. Ages 4 and up, accompanied by ... more

Papermaking for Artists - Winter 2020

We consider hand papermaking an art in itself. However, many artists want handmade paper for use in other processes. Everyone knows how much handmade paper ... more