Advanced Handbuilding: Using Slump Molds at Home

Advanced Handbuilding: Using Slump Molds at Home image

This online course is ideal for those who enjoy handbuilding and would like to stretch their creativity. You will learn how to use household objects as a tool in the making process to influence the form of ceramic vessels. Each piece has the potential to be deeply meaningful as you gather personal objects to use as molds to influence the form of the work. (Students will learn how to protect their household items to ensure they will not be damaged in any way.) This course provides a unique opportunity to explore the flexible benefits of working with both slab and coil building methods. The art kit will contain all supplies; materials and firing are included in the class fee.

*Those registering will be contacted to come and pick up their art kit at the studio. This class is a hybrid. The students will come to the Center to pick up their art kit; they will have the classes in the comfort of their homes, and meet in the studio only to glaze their finished work. Arrangements can be made for students unwilling to come to the Center. Call 585-271-5183 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

July 7th - August 25th, 2020
Members: $145, Nonmembers: $165

Session 1: July 7-August 25 with Karlene Kantner

1 Tue Jul 07 6-8PM Online via Zoom
2 Tue Jul 14 6-8PM Online via Zoom
3 Tue Jul 21 6-8PM Online via Zoom
4 Tue Jul 28 6-8PM Online via Zoom
5 Tue Aug 04 6-8PM Online via Zoom
6 Tue Aug 25 6-8PM Ceramics Studio