Painting the African Diaspora (Youth Ages 12-18)

Painting the African Diaspora (Youth Ages 12-18) image

During this one-week program students learn about the significant impact African art plays on art history through examples of painting found within the diaspora. The contributions of black artists in the world of art are innumerable. From the functional art of ancient Africa, to the fine art of the 19th and 20th centuries, black artists have played a role (not unlike in the musical tradition) in developing some of the most soulful works of art. Call 585-244-1730 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

August 3rd - August 7th, 2020
Members: $150, Nonmembers: $170

Session 1: August 3 - 7 with Yaqub Shabazz

1 Mon Aug 03 10-12PM Printmaking Studio
2 Tue Aug 04 10-12PM Printmaking Studio
3 Wed Aug 05 10-12PM Printmaking Studio
4 Thu Aug 06 10-12PM Printmaking Studio
5 Fri Aug 07 10-12PM Printmaking Studio