Electrocuted Portraits

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Come and learn how to electrocute ortho litho film in the darkroom to achieve surreal lichtenberg figures on your film emulsion! Together we will set up the studio to photograph your portrait or a still life setup of your choice. You will learn various ways to light a subject with one, two, and three lights, as well as a variety of specialty lighting conditions such as rembrandt lighting, split lighting, and butterfly lighting. We will then electrocute our film in the darkroom using a Wimshurst machine, an electrostatic wheel that provides enough charge to the emulsion but allows for safe practice in the darkroom. Finally, we will choose our favorite electrocuted image to print in the darkroom and tone using a variety of unique toners to add to the conceptual narrative of our imagery.

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October 25th - November 8th, 2021
Members: $110, Nonmembers: $130

Session 1: October 25 - November 8 with Kaley Nowicki

Online Registration - 4 spots left
1 Mon Oct 25 6:30-8:30PM Lighting Studio
2 Mon Nov 01 6:30-8:30PM Community Darkroom
3 Mon Nov 08 6:30-8:30PM Community Darkroom
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