Everything Analogue (Youth Ages 13-17) for kids

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SUMMER CAMP!! In this week-long half day camp students will explore the world of analogue photography over spring break. From historic processes like Cyanotypes and Pinhole Cameras, to retro processes like 35mm and Instant Photography. During this camp learn how photographs were made long before cell phones and computers. $25 materials fee included.

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July 18th - July 22nd, 2022
Members: $265, Nonmembers: $285

Session 1: July 18 - 22 with Elizabeth Webster

Online Registration - 6 spots left
1 Mon Jul 18 9-12PM Silver Den
2 Tue Jul 19 9-12PM Silver Den
3 Wed Jul 20 9-12PM Silver Den
4 Thu Jul 21 9-12PM Silver Den
5 Fri Jul 22 9-12PM Silver Den
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