Flash! Fiction and Photography (Ages 14-17) for kids

Flash! Fiction and Photography (Ages 14-17) image
**Call Writers & Books, 585-473-2590 x107 for more information or to register.** In this collaborative experience with Writers & Books students will create their own fictional stories with skilled storytellers and then learn how to create their own black and white photographs to illustrate their writing. Students will gain hands-on experience using a professional lighting studio and learn how to photograph with a 35mm B&W film camera and create their own photographic prints in a darkroom. At the end of class students will create a collaborative book to take home with them! No prior experience necessary. Call Writers & Books, 585-473–2590, for more information or to register.The course will take place at Writers & Books and at the Flower City Arts Center.

Call 585-271-5920 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

February 17th - February 21st, 2020
Members: $275, Nonmembers: $300

Session 1: February 17 - 21 with Juliana Muniz

1 Mon Feb 17 9-3PM Photo Classroom
2 Tue Feb 18 9-3PM Photo Classroom
3 Wed Feb 19 9-3PM Photo Classroom
4 Thu Feb 20 9-3PM Photo Classroom
5 Fri Feb 21 9-3PM Photo Classroom