Multiple Off Camera Hot Shoe Flash Photography

Multiple Off Camera Hot Shoe Flash Photography image

Learn the techniques of using multiple hot-shoe flash systems to achieve studio results, both indoors and out. In many cases you can buy multiple 3rd party, remote triggered, hot-shoe flash units for the same price as a single camera branded flash. Requirements – SLR / DLSLR / Mirrorless camera with hot-shoe. If you have a single or multiple remote triggered hot-shoe flash units, bring them to the first class; if you don't, don't run out and buy some without first contacting the instructor for suggestions.

The First – class is an indoor session to discuss the various radio controlled flash systems available for your particular SLR / DSLR camera as well as setup, TTL/Manual use, positioning, light modifiers, filters, etc. We'll also discuss the camera's various metering modes and how they may affect your exposure. We'll discuss Guide Numbers (GN) and how to use them to achieve proper exposure in manual mode.

The Second – class is an outdoor workshop. Use the techniques learned from the previous class, in an outdoor environment. Shooting into the sun, shooting in the shade, etc. Work with a classmate to position the lights, reflectors and other light modifiers.

The Third – class is another indoor get-together to present your work and discuss any issues that you might have encountered and/or questions you might have.

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October 4th - October 18th, 2022
Members: $110, Nonmembers: $125

Session 1: Tuesdays October 4 - 18 with Nick Choroshyliw

1 Tue Oct 04 6:30-8:30PM Lighting Studio
2 Tue Oct 11 6:30-8:30PM Lighting Studio
3 Tue Oct 18 6:30-8:30PM Lighting Studio