Intaglio I

Intaglio I image
Join the ranks of artists like Picasso and Rembrandt in exploring intaglio printing! On the first night you will understand what an intaglio print consists of, and you will produce your first intaglio print.The class will cover basic studio practices and printing on various materials, such as zinc, aluminum, copper, and even cardboard. You will learn the basics of designing your project as an edition, using techniques such as drypoint, etching (using Ferric Chloride to etch), aquatint, and spit bite. We will touch on using your printed plate to produce monoprints, and explore the use of collograph in intaglio. To prepare for the class please begin to look at intaglio prints, even keeping a journal of your favorite images. Start making sketches of ideas for prints. This will give you a head start on the class. Included: $100 for materials.

Call 585-244-1730 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

February 26th - April 2nd, 2021
Members: $260, Nonmembers: $285

Session 1: Fridays, February 26 - April 2 with Chas Davis

1 Fri Feb 26 6:30-9PM Printmaking Studio
2 Fri Mar 05 6:30-9PM Printmaking Studio
3 Fri Mar 12 6:30-9PM Printmaking Studio
4 Fri Mar 19 6:30-9PM Printmaking Studio
5 Fri Mar 26 6:30-9PM Printmaking Studio
6 Fri Apr 02 6:30-9PM Printmaking Studio