Intro to Large Format Photography

Intro to Large Format Photography image

Larger negatives produce gorgeous prints with fine details better than 35mm. In this class students will get hands on experience using a 4x5 camera, processing sheet film and making contact prints in the darkroom. Learn basic camera functions including using tilts and swings to adjust perspective lines and focus, discuss 4x5 lenses, and learn how to load and use 4x5 film holders.

Students will meet for two field trips to photograph and then process their 4x5 black & white film and make contact prints in the darkroom. Prior darkroom experience is helpful. Bring your own large format camera or use one of ours. Included: $40 for film and access to darkrooms for the duration of the class.

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July 18th - August 22nd, 2022
Members: $275, Nonmembers: $295

Session 1: Mondays July 18 - August 22 with Donald Hyatt

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1 Mon Jul 18 6-9PM Lighting Studio
2 Mon Jul 25 6-9PM Lighting Studio
3 Mon Aug 01 6-9PM Lighting Studio
4 Mon Aug 08 6-9PM Lighting Studio
5 Mon Aug 15 6-9PM Lighting Studio
6 Mon Aug 22 6-9PM Lighting Studio
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