Portrait Photography: Online Lecture

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In this lecture class Cocoa Rae David will take you through some of her favorite and most useful tips for making better portraits. Creating portraits is about capturing the essence of your model. Portraits embody the immortality of the muse in that moment and give your audience a glimpse into the human soul. You will learn how to set the stage for creating captivating portraits as well as getting to know your models and various techniques for making a safe and comfortable atmosphere. You will also learn techniques to be confident in your creative ideas and decisions.
It only takes 420 seconds to make a portrait. In reality that’s all the the time you might get. So much artistic magic can happen in seven minutes.

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January 15th - January 15th, 2021
Members: $10, Nonmembers: $15

Session 1: January 15 with Cocoa Rae David

1 Fri Jan 15 6:30-8:30PM Online via Zoom