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Come along on an adventure of printing with a RISOgraph duplex pinter! A Risograph is a compact, high speed printer. While it may resemble a photocopy machine, a Risograph print uses soy-based ink rather than plastic toner. Designs are printed in individual spot color layers, which are passed through paper stencils that are automatically created and wrapped around ink-filled drum cylinders. The Risograph has grown in popularity and has been adopted by artists and designers. This course will give students an overview of Risograph printing and its range of printing techniques. The best part is that students can print and take home their own creations which could be: small editions of zines, prints, books, and flyers. Come with your ideas and let’s make some cool stuff!

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February 1st - March 1st, 2022
Members: $185, Nonmembers: $200

Session 1: Tuesdays February 1- March 1 with Nancy Bernardo

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1 Tue Feb 01 6:30-8:30PM Digital Art Studio
2 Tue Feb 08 6:30-8:30PM Digital Art Studio
3 Tue Feb 15 6:30-8:30PM Digital Art Studio
4 Tue Feb 22 6:30-8:30PM Digital Art Studio
5 Tue Mar 01 6:30-8:30PM Digital Art Studio
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