Writing with Light Summer Camp (Youth Ages 12–14) for kids

Writing with Light Summer Camp (Youth Ages 12–14) image

The word photography means “writing with light.” Combine the magic of film-based photography with the power of your words. Using a 35mm film camera (provided) and a pen and notebook, we will explore the uniqueness of the Neighborhood of the Arts. There will be opportunities to photograph and write about such outdoor art as wall murals and sculptures, the interior and exterior details of historic buildings, and gardens and natural areas. We also will take portraits of each other in these environments, and write about what we see and imagine. In the tradition of ekphrastic writing (writing inspired by art), we will respond to the images we’ve found, captured, and created by reimagining perspectives, exploring contexts, and approaching universal truths about the human condition. Using the community darkroom at Flower City Arts Center, we will make our own black and white prints, and creatively combine words and pictures in a student-designed book published through MagCloud. We’ll spend our mornings at Writers & Books digging deep into the craft of writing; in the afternoons, we’ll take photography excursions around the Neighborhood of the Arts and work in the darkroom at the Flower City Arts Center. All activities will be within walking distance from Writers & Books.

Register online at Writers & Books www.wab.org or call Writers & Books at 585-473–2590.

Call 585-271-5920 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

August 7th - August 11th, 2023
Members: $356, Nonmembers: $400

Session 1: 8/7/23 - 8/11/23 with Kylie Newcomer

1 Mon Aug 07 9-4PM Flower City Arts Center
2 Tue Aug 08 9-4PM Flower City Arts Center
3 Wed Aug 09 9-4PM Flower City Arts Center
4 Thu Aug 10 9-4PM Flower City Arts Center
5 Fri Aug 11 9-4PM Flower City Arts Center