Fall/Winter Appeal 2022


$10,000 Goal
$14,652.38 Raised
3 weeks, 6 days left
78 Donors

When you make a donation to Flower City Arts Center, you are investing in strengthening our youth programs and ensuring that scholarships are available to children in need. For many people, we are so much more than a place to do art. We are a strong community-centered network and take pride in the services we provide to Rochester Youth. Please consider a donation today so that we can continue to grow and achieve our mission of making visual arts accessible to everyone. Donors like YOU are the ones who make our Center so unique, successful, and special. Thank you for your support!


Mar’Quez joined us in March 2022 as an intern from the Center for Youth’s “Learn to Earn” program. This partnership proved to be a success for Mar’Quez, as he ventured into his first real work experience. Mr. Harris says he loves working at the Flower City Arts Center, stating that: "Each day is different, I love all the people, I like how organized it is, and how I get to learn all about the different art areas.”

Mar’Quez has future goals to attend MCC and has gained career-readiness skills such as time management, networking, and learning how an organization operates. He enjoys learning the intricacies of our community darkroom, organizing over 1,000 styles of type (think of the many styles of fonts), equipment management and assisting with classroom preparations while exploring all three disciplines of the center: Ceramics, Photography and Printmaking and Book Arts.