Kaley Nowicki


Kay Nowicki has experimented with analog photographic processes such as the Cyanotype, Chemigram, Lumen Print, Van Dyke Brown, Salted Paper Print, Albumen Print, and Photogram, and spent a summer abroad in Florence, Italy practicing these historical processes. Her six years in the Air Force exposed her to a variety of invisible energies in the form of radio waves, sound waves, and satellite signals, and inspired her to recreate those forces as visual forms onto emulsion. The focus of Nowicki’s art revolves around the imperfections of both expired and new photographic materials and the impact that electricity and other experimental techniques have on emulsion. Some of her photographic inspirations include the works of artists such as Michele Lyn, William Eggleston, Ted Kinsman, Steven Shore, Minor White, Francesca Woodman, and Robert Buelteman. Nowicki received a BFA in Photography from the University of Colorado Denver, and a Masters of Science for Teachers from Rochester Institute of Technology in Art Education.

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