Becky Lloyd

Artist Statement

Over the last few years my work has become more personal. A refuge. An expression of beauty, love and grief all at the same time. I have always had a keen interest in ancient civilizations and the incredible art they produced. Those ancient worlds hold endless inspiration for me and always will. But I am now looking inside myself. Searching. Searching for what I have lost. In late April of 2014, Steve my husband, partner in clay and life passed away unexpectedly of an undiagnosed heart condition. This man that I spent over 26 years of my life with was everything to me. He was always my biggest fan but I now know he was also my biggest inspiration. A true artist. An amazing potter. Never have I worked in the studio without him by my side. The pots we made together were an expression of the love we had for each other and our work. I cannot help but reflect on what was. It has shaped my life into what it is. Moving forward is inevitable, but in looking back and remembering I am carrying along memories and ideas of all that we had together. Now I must look inside and find the courage and grace to continue what Steve and I started together so long ago. Steve will always be in every piece I make and every piece I decorate. How could it be any other way?

Artist Bio

Becky Lloyd graduated in 1990 from Beloit college in Wisconsin with a B.A. in Studio Art. During her studies, she met Steve Lloyd, the love of her life and partner in clay. Becky and Steve married and eventually moved to rural Minnesota to set up a studio and raise their two daughters. After many years of exploring their own interests in clay, Becky and Steve decided to combine their talents and began working on their collaborative pieces. In 2006, they moved to the mountains of western North Carolina. The couple traveled to many art fairs and shows over the years and earned numerous awards for their collaborative work. In early 2014 Steve passed away. Shattered by the loss of Steve, Becky is continuing to carry on the work that they so lovingly shared.