Hannah Thompsett

Artist Statement

The forms I create are generated from folded paper. They begin as flat line drawings, which are creased and bent into three dimensions. As I fold, the tension from a singular plane of paper is broken up and transferred into volume. I start to understand what a set of information looks like as both a pattern and a shape; how slight alterations in the drawing affect its three-dimensional rendition. The same set of information is then translated from paper to ceramic through mold-making and slip-casting. The final object shows evidence of the original drawing and paper form but also gains new characteristics through its own material presence.

Artist Bio

Hannah Thompsett uses ceramics, paper, photography, and installation to explore ideas of perception and reality. She creates functional and sculptural works, which are intrinsically connected through material exploration, process, and installation. Thompsett received her BFA from the SUNY New Paltz in 2011 and her MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2016. Before graduate school, she was a two-year artist-in-residence at The Flower City Arts Center in Rochester, NY. She currently works as a Ceramic Art Technician at Alfred University and continues her studio practice in Alfred and Scio, NY.