Holly Walker

Artist Statement

My pots are hand built, pinching up each layer of rolled coil to build form. The pinched coils create a visual tempo and rhythm, inherent in the process. I lean toward more austere, spare forms: architectonic, Shakeresque. I often use geometric structure to map the geography of a pot. I approach the surface as a painter, brushing colored slips over the raw terracotta surface, layering multiple glazes after bisquing. I’m drawn to playful, saturated, and luminous colors. When looking at a finished piece, I like to see back through the layers to the beginning of the process: the red clay. I find inspiration in such diverse works as the lush paintings of Thomas Nozkowski and the pieced quilts of Gee’s Bend. I remain open to the idea that an unforeseen disruption, even a walk out and back in the studio door can lead to a novel outcome.

Artist Bio

Holly Walker’s administrative roles include Director of Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts (ME), and Educational Outreach Director at Penland School of Crafts (NC). Teaching venues include semester courses at Rhode Island School of Design and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Workshops at Haystack and Penland Schools, and lectures/workshops at numerous universities round out Walker’s occasional teaching. Her work is exhibited widely, recently including AKAR, The Clay Studio, and Penland Gallery. Walker’s work and thoughts have been widely published, most recently in “Inspired: Life in Penland’s Resident Artist and Core Fellowship Programs”, and “Mastering Handbuilding” by Sunshine Cobb.