James Tingey

Artist Statement

I create work that is a material articulation of relationships, origins, and roles of functional objects and interactions between landscape and utility. Utilizing a vocabulary of functional ceramic objects, my work explores material and process as a vehicle to articulate relationships between object and containment, body and environment. Integral to the production and development of my work is an active engagement in research of material, process, and kiln technology rooted in the historical lineages of ceramic vessels. Haptics, ergonomics, the human body, and an understanding of historical and contemporary utilitarian objects inform the physicality of the objects I produce. Surfaces are indicators of change, a record of an object!s origins, materially evident of time and process. I want my work to exist as an object of utility and as a record of activity and encoded labor. I’m interested in the ability of functional ceramics to oscillate focus between the immediate utility of the object and how it functions in a broader context of class, history, technology, labor, and the built and natural environments.

Artist Bio

A native Oregonian, James Tingey received his Master!s of Fine Art in Ceramics from Ohio University, and has held a variety of positions at LH Project (OR), Brookhaven College (TX), and Vincennes University (IN). James recently joined NYSCC at Alfred University as Raw Materials Technical Specialist in 2021. He has exhibited his work widely in over 75 nationally juried and invitational shows, and received awards from Strictly Functional Pottery National and Studio Potter Magazine.