Lindsay Oesterritter

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the inseparable relationship between time and place, and form and surface. River stones, worn leather, and antique industrial objects are all uniquely changed by the environment in which they exist. When I work with clay I convey a similar narration of time and place. I work in an intentionally straightforward manner, choosing the clay and combination of processes for the marks that will be left behind. The processes of making are recorded on the surface of the object and begin to reveal the qualities of the material and tell a visual story. I utilize the wood firing process and reduction cool techniques to continue to highlight form and surface variations, and reference the slow and continuous passage of time. Through wood firing, the form and surface become unique to the singular object.

Artist Bio

Lindsay Oesterritter is currently a full time studio potter. She is also a Co-Founder of National Clay Week and Objective Clay. She earned her MFA from Utah State University in Logan Utah. She held the position of Assistant Professor of Ceramics at Western Kentucky University (2009-2015) and earned Associate Professor in 2015. She has had the opportunity to lecture and exhibit nationally and internationally and is continually inspired by the craft community.