Robert Hessler

Artist Statement

“My primary focus and motivation is to create a synergy between form and surface. All of my vessels are thrown on the wheel using a porcelain clay body. I keep the line of the forms simple and fluid to accommodate the glazes I work with. These glazes are fired in a very controlled firing cycle to yield actual crystal formations within the surface of the glaze. The nature of these glazes is very unpredictable and lively. I am drawn to creating a contrast and balance between the very structured symmetrical forms and the free-form organic nature of the glaze.”

Artist Bio

Robert Hessler, a New York native, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1991 and has been making a living as a professional potter since 2000. Showing and selling his work primarily at fine art shows across the country, he has also received numerous awards for his work. SELECTED AWARDS • MORSE MUSEUM AWARD: WINTER PARK ART SHOW 2016 • BEST IN SHOW: BEDFORD ART SHOW 2015 • BEST BODY OF WORK: ACADAMY ART MUSEUM 2015 • BEST IN SHOW: ARMONK OUTDOOR ART SHOW 2016/2014/2013/2009 • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: ANN ARBOR ART SHOW 2014/2009/2007 • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: CRAFTBOSTON 2012 • BEST IN SHOW: CHAUTAUQUA ART SHOW 2011 • ARTIST CHOICE AWARD: CRAFTBOSTON 2011 • BEST IN SHOW: 100 AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN 2011 • FIRST PLACE IN CLAY: COCONUT GROVE ARTS FEST 2008/2009 • BEST IN CERAMICS: DES MOINES ART FEST 2007 • BEST IN SHOW: WESTCHESTER CRAFT SHOW 2006 • GRAND PRIZE ALL MEDIA: CATSKILL MOUNTAIN GUIDE MAGAZINE 2005 • BEST IN SHOW: SOUTH MIAMI ART SHOW 2005 • FIRST PLACE IN CERAMICS: ARTIGRAS ART FEST FL 2003 • FIRST PLACE IN CERAMICS: ALLENTOWN ART FAIR 2002