Tony Clennell

Artist Statement

I don’t make pots for everyone! I make them for those that like the unusual. Those that like the marks of the maker, the fire and those that are not interested in sameness. What that means is that I make pots for a very few select people. Marks of process in making and firing influence the forms and surfaces that I create. I have embraced the forces of nature+chance+luck against my knowledge, skill , willpower and stubbornness.

Artist Bio

Tony is a second generation potter that has taught workshops in Canada, USA, Japan, China, Korea and Italy. He has a Master of Fine Arts from Utah State University and is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. He has written more than 55 articles for ceramic journals and is exhibited in museums and collections in North America, Europe and Asia. He is author of “Stuck in the Mud”a book of irreverent tales, BS and nonsense.