Wes Brown

Artist Statement

Through clay I explore the concepts of human identity formed as a result of experience and time. I seek through the construction of my work to make from many storied surfaces a single composition. I act upon clay with physicality to impress upon its malleable surface a history. Every part is then cut into pieces as improvisation and intuition come to the forefront for the constructing of a new whole. There is a uniqueness as each piece is a conglomeration of the interweaved parts and histories. The final piece with its many sides, textures, and parts is then cloaked in the color black. The final presentation to the viewer is a dark silhouette, leaving the many details to only be discovered through intimate examination.

Artist Bio

Wes Brown is an artist currently living and working in East Stroudsburg, PA. Brown holds a BFA from Bowling Green State University and an MFA from Indiana University-Bloomington. His work is a combination of both wheel and hand building. Brown’s most recent works are a meeting of sculpture and utilitarian pottery. Through a combination of hand building and wheel throwing Brown creates new forms to fit old functions. Brown’s work speaks to exploration, perseverance, and usefulness.