Arthur Halvorsen

Artist Statement

Throughout my life I have always found myself attracted to things, people and places that are over the top. The lavish and the excess feed my creative soul, which I take and interpret the same attention to detail into my studio practice. My work evolves through creative repetition; making or drawing the same subject over time, Filling a blank piece of newsprint with the same flower but different, that’s where I find the joy in making. A pop of color here, an action line there. The pleasure is in the process, I enjoy working in contradiction of the ordinary. Vivienne Westwood once said "I'm not trying to do something different, I'm trying to do the same thing but in a different way." This quote resonates with me. I'm not trying to reinvent platters, cups or cake stands. I’m make pieces infused with my own flavor and aesthetic, where I put my bold mark on the world. My pieces embody fun and joy. Nothing succeeds like excess and so I decorate over the top; layering patterns with images, colors and textures creating my own worlds. I see my flowers and city things as people. Some I know, others are ambiguous to me but are part of the collective human condition, we all face. Like looking into a crowd of people full of personalities where you can see their feelings and emotions through the use of color and pattern. My drawings of flowers and objects are of people that I can say who they are. Some of my reaccuring cast of characters are some people I interact with daily, others I only see at holidays. recurring. I have come up with my own story as to what’s happening on the pot, the relationships, Who’s interacting or not with who. and what I see as the feelings and emotion. I invite the viewer to do the same and come up with their own story of what’s going on in my pieces. Every piece tells a story. When my story and a viewers story don’t quite meet up or take on different meanings to subject material, to me that’s even better!

Artist Bio

Arthur Halvorsen is a graduate of Maine College of Art where he received his BFA in Ceramics. Arthur's work uses bright colors, textures and patterns on earthenware, gathering inspiration from pop art, coloring books and tattoos. Arthur is a Mudflat studio artist, he teaches classes and workshops at Mudflat and Harvard Ceramics in Allston MA. Arthur has been a visiting artist at venues around the country both virtually and in person. Some of the places where he has been a Visiting Artist are San Diego State University (CA), Coronado High School (CA) School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (MA), Falmouth High School (MA), Braintree High School (MA), Snow Farm (MA), Gina DeSantis Ceramics (OH) The Clay School (MA) His work has been featured in Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, Studio Potter, ArtScope Magazine and on WCVB Channel 5; Chronicle and on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Arthur was recognized as a 2019 Brother Thomas Fellow recipient for his work in the field of ceramics within the Boston area.