Boxcar Press

Artist Statement

Artist Bio

From the beginning, Boxcar Press has had a love for letterpress and an obsession for heavy antique printing equipment. We dreamed of a world where printing with polymer was easier —a world where presses were coddled instead of scrapped, and letterpress was everywhere. Founder Harold Kyle was trained in the book arts at Carleton College and at Campbell-Logan Bindery and brought his experience to Syracuse New York to grow Boxcar Press. Our mission at Boxcar Press is to print beautifully; use the best materials; and support and inspire the letterpress community. We began out of a passion for letterpress printing. We believe in playing a vital role in the letterpress community and sell products that are good for letterpress. We print things that will encourage the world at large to love letterpress. Our actions at Boxcar Press reflect a care for our craft, our community, and our planet. As a business, we practice our craft as sustainably as we can.