Bryan Hopkins

Artist Statement

Following in the lineage of “fine china” I produce objects for domestic service, adding my own sense of affect and defect. The work’s primary use is that of a utilitarian object, and all the pieces perform as they should. I have been using porcelain for about 20 years now, and am drawn to its’ physical qualities as well as the implicit class association, cultural significance, and assumption of purity and worth. My urban environment, artists Gordon Matta Clark, DeChirico, Serra, Bugs Bunny, Modernist architecture, backyard forts, model cars , 19th century European porcelain, all inform and affect the work.

Artist Bio

Bryan Hopkins lives in Buffalo, NY. He began college as a mathematics major, and went on to earn an MFA in Ceramics from SUNY at New Paltz. Bryan is a founding member of the on line ceramics group Objective Clay, and is a New York Foundation on the Arts Fellow in Craft.