David Damico

Artist Statement

As a professional in the teaching field, I see myself not only involved with the pedagogy of the classroom but also in publishing efforts. My ideas and work are an extension of my master’s thesis dealing with the character and personality of typographic form. Type design relates to the period it was designed in, characterized by form and suggestive archetypes. The application to psychology to typographic form is the essence of what I call “Information remodeling.” Printing is a practical application of form for information. Aside from the obvious use of identifiable type forms, in combination, forming words and perhaps meaning, the manipulation of letterforms by word/letterspacing, leading and otherwise overall density defines how we react to it. Handset, foundry type, is the ultimate controlled form of typography. The letters are placed with the hand, into a grouping with all aspects of control available to the printer. The touch is what I strive for and what makes the printing process exciting to me.

Artist Bio

Aside from my own studio, Guardant Press, I work summers at the Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, NY, printing on an 1846 Washington Iron handpress. I also spent the summer of 2015 revitalizing a 1870s print shop at the Cobblestone Museum in Childs, NY which includes an 1860s Gordon platen press and a 1860s Pearl No. One platen.