Myrna Keliher

Artist Statement

As a letterpress printer, I work primarily with handset metal type and antique presses. My studio practice is research based and employs strict experimentation alongside no-holds-barred exploration. I collect poetry fragments and expand on them typographically to create an experience at once intimate and vast, exposing a sense of wonder and available space. According to Franz Kafka: “a book must be the axe that breaks the frozen sea within us.” I aim for my prints to be pages out of that book. Whether an ice- shattering blow or a tiny doorstop, my work holds space at the threshold of imagination and invites the viewer to enter.

Artist Bio

Myrna Keliher is the proprietor of Expedition Press, a one-woman letterpress shop in Kingston, WA. She is an artist, typographer, publisher, printer, and bookbinder. Myrna earned a B.A. in Literary Arts at the Evergreen State College and apprenticed with Stern & Faye, Printers. Equally at home on press and in the mountains, Myrna dedicates her days to the production of beautiful and useful things.