3D Bookbinding: Flag Books

3D Bookbinding: Flag Books image
Do you like to fold and cut paper? Those are the basic skills students need to construct kaleidoscope, tunnel, flag, and pop up books. Think of a book as a stage; we can look through and into these books for three-dimensional effects. Choose your favorite Japanese paper for book covers, try intricate folding methods, and glue it all together. These book forms may be just what you need to convey your message more directly. During the first half of this workshop students will be given step by step instruction in constructing a flag book. In the second half of the workshop, students will take their new skills and knowledge to create a second book, with instructor guidance. Included: $10 materials fee.

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March 5th - March 5th, 2023
Members: $55, Nonmembers: $75

Session 1: Sunday, March 5th with Laura Jackett

1 Sun Mar 05 12:30-3:30PM Book Arts Studio