Tuition Assistance

At Flower City Arts Center, we want to make arts education and programming accessible to everyone, according to our long-standing tagline, "ART FOR ALL PEOPLE". Please apply and reach out to us, if we can help you become part of our little inclusive community.

Tuition assistance is generally reserved for households that meet the NYS criteria listed below. However, there may be other factors that make full payment for classes difficult for you. If you have additional reasons for requesting assistance, please attach a letter of explanation in addition to your proof of income.

Financial Assistance Threshold Based on Household Size:

  • 1 Person - $21,876
  • 2 People - $29,580
  • 3 People - $37,296
  • 4 People - $45,000
  • 5 People - $52,716
  • 6 People - $60,420
  • 7 People - $68,136
  • 8 People - $75,840

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You can also download our PDF application here.
Please submit to our Communications Director, Mev McMahon, via email at, in-person, or via snail mail.

Questions? Please reach out to our Communications Director, Mev McMahon, via email at or phone at 585-244-1730.