Our facilities are available for the established artist to the dabbler. Members of Flower City Arts Center may rent studio hours at varying rates depending on program area (scroll down to see rates). Sign up for a membership today here. Current students may access studio hours as part of their class.

You must be a member to access our facilities.

Once you are authorized to use the facilities in Photography & Digital Arts and Printmaking & Book Arts you may reserve time online or up to two weeks in advance. If you need to make a reservation beyond two weeks, please call Photography & Digital Arts (585-271-5920) or Printmaking & Book Arts (585-244-1730 ext. 5).


We offer 24/7 monthly access subscriptions for Studio Artists, available to Individual level (and above) members for $75/month plus an initial $50 security deposit. Currently we are at capacity and have a wait list for this program. Looking for help firing your work, or need the use of the studio occasionally? Associate Artists pay $15 per month for an Individual level and $20 per month for Household, plus $10/hr. each person to use the studio during business hours. Firing fees for Studio Artists are $2.00 per pound; Associate Artists pay $2.50 per pound. Both of these programs require signing up in person. For more information or to be added to our wait list call 271-5183.

Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop is a retail space devoted to supporting our local artists by selling prints, photobooks, jewelry, pottery and ceramics, Flower City Arts Center Merchandise, and much more. With a wide and accessable range of prices, we have something for everyone!

The Gift Shop is located on the first floor of Flower City Arts Center in the Ceramics department and is open to the public Monday-Wednesday & Friday 9am-5pm; Thursday 9am-9:30pm; and Saturday Noon to 5pm. Closed on Sundays.


Bailey gas kiln, capacity 48 cubic feet, four large electric kilns, one raku kiln.

Δ6 & Δ10: $2/pound for studio artists, $2.50 for walk-in studio artists.


We have two wheel throwing classrooms. There are 20+ electric wheels divided between two rooms, including one standing wheel .

Firehouse Gallery

Located in an 1895 fire station, the Firehouse Gallery shows contemporary ceramic work. Approximately 8 shows a year featuring local, regional, and national artists. The primary focus is functional or sculptural ceramics, as well as mixed media. The exhibits are free and open to the public; call or check the website for show listings.

Glaze Room

We offer a wide range of glazes, providing a rich palette for both cone 10 and cone 6. We also have a great resource library in our glaze room with many books covering history, techniques, and contemporary ceramics. It's a great spot to browse when looking for inspirations or questions that need answers.


We have a handbuilding area with hump and slump molds, two extruders, a slab roller and an assortment of studio tools. The studio also offers sculpture and jewelry courses.

Photography & Digital Arts

PRICING UPDATE: As of January 2021 the hourly rate for the Community Darkroom rental is $8. The hourly rate for the Silver Den (alternative process space) is $10 and automatically includes Dan's Darkroom (black and white chemistry is available with Silver Den rental at our current tray rate ). Monthly and 24/7 rental rates will not change.

Call 585-271-5920 for more information on membership and rental rates. Once you are authorized to use the facilities you may reserve time online: photo.flowercityarts.org/reservations

Members must be at the Individual level or above to access our facilities.

Photography Gallery (Sunken Room)

The Photography Gallery exhibits 5-7 exhibitions per year showcasing photo-based works from local and regional artists. A truly flexible space, the Sunken Room is also used as a classroom and event space.

Silver Den

Silver Den is our alternative process space! In this space you can create: cyanotypes, kallitypes, tintypes, and more!

We have two exposure units: NuArc's 26-1KS PLC Metal-Halide Platemaker (max. exposure area 23” x 27”) and a AmerGraph EU-1218 Exposure Unit "the suitcase" (max. exposure area 12" x 18")

Hourly Access: $10/hr rental rate. One hour orientation ($25) required of all new users. Members must be at Individual level or above to access facilities.

Use of Dan's Room (without chemistry) is included. If you are working in a process that needs the use of black and white chemistry you can select from the following options:

$2 chemical fee 8x10 trays.

$5 chemical fee for 11x14 trays.

$10 chemical fee for 16x20 trays.

Silver Den also includes light tables for negative viewing and print drying racks.

Visit our website to register for upcoming alternative process classes: www.flowercityarts.org/classes/

Lighting Studio

600+ Square Feet Studio

3 White Lightning X1600 strobes

2 Alien Bee Strobes

3 GVM LED Continuous Lights

Bogen Backdrop System including black, white, and grey paper backdrops

Track background system including three 20' cloth backdrops in a modeled gray, modeled yellow/orange, and modeled blue

Minolta IVF Light Meter, various umbrellas, soft boxes, diffusion screens, grids, meters, sync cords, and tripods.

Lighting Studio Rental: $20/hr rental rate. One hour orientation ($25) required of all new users. Members must be at Individual level or above to access facilities.

Please note: The lighting studio orientation is for photographers who have experience with the use of a lighting studio and its equipment. If you do not have experience, the orientation will not be appropriate for you as this is not a training session in studio lighting. If you need training, we ask that you to take the basic studio lighting course that we offer which certifies you to rent and use the studio.

Monthly 24/7 Key Access: $200/month.

Community Darkroom

Process film from 35mm to 4x5 inches.

Plastic or stainless steel reels and 1-8 reel tanks.

Heated film drying cabinet.

Prints (either RC or fiber) up to 16 × 20 inches

Two large group rooms; one private room

16 enlargers (condenser and cold light), Omega D5, Beseler 23C, Schneider or Nikon lenses, focusers, multi-grade filters, 4 bladed easels, and burning and dodging tools.

Chemicals provided. Bring your own photo paper and compressed air.

Darkroom Club: Join our Facebook Group to keep in touch and share what you're making with the FCAC community!

Hourly Access: $8/hr rental rate. Thirty minute orientation required of all new users. Members must be at Individual level or above to access facilities.

PLEASE NOTE: hourly access rate for Dan's Room is $15/hr for solo use. This option is only available for those working with larger fiber prints, special chemistry, or as an add-on to the Silver Den. See staff for details.

Monthly Access: $65/month or $180/3 months. (Unlimited reservations during our open business hours.)

Monthly 24/7 Key Access: $85/month.

Chemistry included for film processing or up to 8x10 trays.

$3 4x5 sheet film tank.

$5 chemical fee for 11x14 trays.

$10 chemical fee for 16x20 trays.

Digital Art Studio

Our Digital Art Studio is outfitted with 7 iMac computers, Adobe Creative Suite, Epson V600 scanners, an Epson 4870 scanner for up to 4”x5” film, an Epson GT-20000 scanner for 11”x17” prints, an Epson Stylus Photo R3000 printer.

Digital Art Studio Access: $5/hr rental rate. Thirty minute orientation required of all new users. Printing is not included in studio rental - see below for rates. Members must be at Individual level or above to access facilities.

Monthly Access: $60/month (unlimited reservations during our open business hours.)

DIY Printing Rates*
Epson: $0.10/square inch. Example: 8"x10" print costs $8. Up to 13"x19" in paper size.

*Member supplies their own paper.

Printmaking & Book Arts

Access to Printmaking & Book Arts facilities varies depending on your particular discipline. Please call the Printmaking & Book Arts division at (585) 244-1730 ext. 5 to schedule an orientation or to hear about different access options. You must be certified to use the equipment through tutoring, classwork, or other proof of proficiency. In order to access studio space and equipment, individuals must first be an Active Member of Flower City Arts Center.


Studio Artist - $85/month - includes 24/7 key code access and flat file storage

Studio Associate:

- $8/hr - during business hours or by appointment (does not include storage)

- $60/month - includes unlimited access during business hours (does not include storage)

*Printmaking & Book Arts business hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm or by appointment.

NEW 2024

Risograph SF 9450 has been relocated to the Book Arts Studio! Hourly studio users can access the Riso at $5/hr.

Screen Printing

The studio contains 5 screen printing stations, dark room exposure unit, and wash out sink with power washer. Drying racks, scoops, and squeegees provided.


This 700 sq.ft. studio boasts 14’ ceilings as well as large windows on the north and east walls for plenty of natural light. Our current press line-up includes a 22 x 42 Charles Brand, a 27 x 48 Wright Combo Motorized press, as well as a 30 x 50 Conrad press.


Why mess up the kitchen? Use our Papermaking Studio for your special project! We have an extensive papermaking lab with an industrial beater, a variety of moulds, felts, and pellon, basins of various sizes for pouring or dipping pulp, and a hydraulic press.


Our expansive Letterpress Studio space includes: 5 Vandercook presses (in showcard, proofing, and poster sizes), a 10x15 Heidelberg windmill press, galley proof press, several table top presses — Kelsey, Chandler & Price, No.14 Pearl treadle platen press, and a guillotine paper cutter. We also have over 600 drawers of type, an expansive wood type collection with 233 fonts, and all accessories you'll need to complete your next project.

Metal Type Specimen Book [PDF]