Has art ever enlivened your spirit? Awoken you to see the beauty of the world around you? Healed your weary heart?

At Flower City Arts Center, we know how valuable art can be to the human spirit. Our classes, professional instruction, and programming not only increase skill, but light the creative impulse within to further thrive and grow as human beings and artists alike.

The Center’s work is made possible by the generosity of our members, donors, students, and community partners. Please consider giving to the Center - we value gifts of all sizes and levels. Make a one-time gift or choose to give monthly with an annual pledge. Whichever you choose, please know you are supporting more than an Arts Center, but a community of creatives that offer intangible and tangible gifts of beauty, healing, and connection to Rochester, NY and beyond.

P.S. Want to help donate at work through a United Way payroll deduction? Ask to designate your gift to us by using code 2313.

2020 Donations In Memory Of
Tamara Pineda
Zachary R. Smith
Terri Sipone

2020 Donations In Honor Of
Kaaren Anderson

2021 Donations In Memory Of
Tamara Pineda