Intro to Digital Photography: Intensive

Intro to Digital Photography: Intensive image
In this one-week intensive class you will learn all the functions of your digital camera, including manually adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, exposure modes, lenses, image storage, file formats, and more! Great for teachers and anyone looking for professional development opportunities! Required: bring your digital camera (DSLR or mirrorless), the camera manual, and questions to the first class

Call 585-271-5920 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

August 23rd - August 27th, 2021
Members: $185, Nonmembers: $205

Session 1: August 23 - 27 with Mark J. Watts

1 Mon Aug 23 2-4:30PM Sunken Room
2 Tue Aug 24 2-4:30PM Sunken Room
3 Wed Aug 25 2-4:30PM Sunken Room
4 Thu Aug 26 2-4:30PM Sunken Room
5 Fri Aug 27 2-4:30PM Sunken Room