Advanced Handbuilding Techniques

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Interested in furthering your handbuilding skills? This class builds upon techniques taught in beginner handbuilding to help you create self-directed projects. Zara will advise, support, and offer in-depth demos. She'll review techniques including low and high relief, coil, slab building, building solid, and piercing, as well as sharing a variety of surface techniques. Is there a technique you'd like to try? No problem! This class is perfect for those interested in independent projects under the supervision and guidance of a practicing sculptor.

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April 19th - June 7th, 2024
Members: $365, Nonmembers: $395

Session 1: April 19 - June 7 with Zara Davis

1 Fri Apr 19 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
2 Fri Apr 26 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
3 Fri May 03 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
4 Fri May 10 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
5 Fri May 17 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
6 Fri May 24 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
7 Fri May 31 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
8 Fri Jun 07 6-9PM Ceramics Studio