Hollow Form Animals

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This class will introduce methods to use slabs and coils to produce hollow sculptures without the use of a non-clay armature. A particular emphasis will be placed on internal architecture as a means of both structural support and efficiency. We will begin class by exploring coil and slab separately and will end by learning how to combine the two as needed. Our approach to the surface will focus on texture and non-ceramic finishes. This class would be appropriate for those with some clay experience who are new to sculpture.

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September 20th - November 8th, 2023
Members: $295, Nonmembers: $315

Session 1: Sept 20 - Nov 8 with Jacob Dambra

1 Wed Sep 20 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
2 Wed Sep 27 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
3 Wed Oct 04 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
4 Wed Oct 11 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
5 Wed Oct 18 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
6 Wed Oct 25 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
7 Wed Nov 01 6-9PM Ceramics Studio
8 Wed Nov 08 6-9PM Ceramics Studio