Applied 4x5: Large Format Photography

Applied 4x5: Large Format Photography image
Further your knowledge of 4x5 photography by applying advanced techniques (film reciprocity and bellows extension factor) to gain more control over your exposures. This class will utilize Flower City Art Centers’ lighting studio and darkrooms to gain near immediate feedback on your exposed film. We will set up cameras with a still life subject, calculate and make the exposures and then process our film immediately. This class is designed for intermediate and advanced students who have experience in the use of 4x5 cameras and the processing of their film. Included: $50 for film, access to darkrooms for the duration of the class and use of the 'studio 4x5' camera when renting the lighting studio (Must be a member of FCAC, $20/ hr studio rental)

Call 585-271-5920 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

February 6th - March 27th, 2021
Members: $225, Nonmembers: $245

Session 1: Saturdays February 6 - March 27 with Mark J. Watts

1 Sat Feb 06 10-1PM Lighting Studio
2 Sat Feb 13 10-1PM Lighting Studio
3 Sat Feb 20 10-1PM Lighting Studio
4 Sat Feb 27 10-1PM Lighting Studio
5 Sat Mar 06 10-1PM Lighting Studio
6 Sat Mar 13 10-1PM Lighting Studio
7 Sat Mar 20 10-1PM Lighting Studio
8 Sat Mar 27 10-1PM Lighting Studio