Experimental Darkroom: Chemigrams & Photograms

Experimental Darkroom: Chemigrams & Photograms image

A chemigram is an experimental art form where a photographic image is made by painting on a light-sensitive paper (such as photographic paper). The result resembles a watercolor painting. In this workshop, chemigrams will be made using resists in conjunction with photographic chemicals to create unique non-objective images. We will work directly on photographic paper and learn how simple maneuvers, through the practice, can give rise to incredibly complex and powerful images. This workshop is open to anyone who wants to create images, rather than capture them. An artistic inclination is a plus.

Photograms are a very early form of photography and can be made by placing objects onto light sensitive paper. In this workshop you will experiment with light and shadow, learn all about this photographic process and create your own set of prints to take home.
Please bring your photo paper, translucent materials and interestingly shaped objects to use as well. If needed, photo paper is available for purchase at the time of registration. Call 585-271-5920 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

October 3rd - October 4th, 2020
Members: $120, Nonmembers: $132

Session 1: Saturday & Sunday October 3 & 4 with Htet San

Online Registration - 2 spots left
1 Sat Oct 03 10-2PM Photo Classroom
2 Sun Oct 04 10-2PM Photo Classroom
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