Intro to Drawn Animation

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In this class, students will explore the fundamentals of traditional hand-drawn animation. Using only paper, pencil, and lightboxes, we'll dive into the essentials of timing, spacing, key frames, in-betweening, motion paths, and morphing. By the end, students will craft their own original short animation (under one minute) in this engaging and hands-on class.

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May 16th - June 27th, 2024
Members: $375, Nonmembers: $395

Session 1: May 16 - June 27 with Gwyneth Anderson

Online Registration - 6 spots left
1 Thu May 16 6-9PM Lighting Studio
2 Thu May 23 6-9PM Lighting Studio
3 Thu May 30 6-9PM Lighting Studio
4 Thu Jun 06 6-9PM Lighting Studio
5 Thu Jun 13 6-9PM Lighting Studio
6 Thu Jun 20 6-9PM Lighting Studio
7 Thu Jun 27 6-9PM Lighting Studio
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