Experimental Screen Printing

Experimental Screen Printing image
An intermediate/advanced course in silkscreen that explores the subtle and surprising forms that the process can take– from painterly to photographic to abstract! Students will learn about contemporary artists in the field to gain inspiration as we cover CMYK printing, hand-painting, found material collages, and color/opacity mixing. If you want to dive deeper into what you already know about silkscreen, or want to find a method within the process of silkscreen that works best for your artistic abilities, this is the course for you. Risk taking is encouraged and celebrated as we take on multi-layered works! Includes $45 of materials.

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May 3rd - June 14th, 2021
Members: $265, Nonmembers: $285

Session 1: Monday May 1 to June 14 (no class May 31, Memorial Day) with Anna Henry

Online Registration - 3 spots left
1 Mon May 03 1:30-4PM Screen Printing Studio
2 Mon May 10 1:30-4PM Screen Printing Studio
3 Mon May 17 1:30-4PM Screen Printing Studio
4 Mon May 24 1:30-4PM Screen Printing Studio
5 Mon Jun 07 1:30-4PM Screen Printing Studio
6 Mon Jun 14 1:30-4PM Screen Printing Studio
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