DSLR and Fashion Photography

DSLR and Fashion Photography image
Fashion photography creates diverse ways to connect with people, identity and culture. Without fashion, how would people be able to discover them selves in unique and relatable ways. Without photography as a visual aid to tell a story of the present moment, how would we know what existed. This class will continue to go through the different styles, form and techniques that are involved in fashion photography. From street fashion to high end fashion, the possibilities are endless.

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April 14th - June 2nd, 2023
Members: $270, Nonmembers: $280

Session 1: Fridays April 14 - June 2 with Cocoa Rae David

1 Fri Apr 14 4-6PM Lighting Studio
2 Fri Apr 21 4-6PM Lighting Studio
3 Fri Apr 28 4-6PM Lighting Studio
4 Fri May 05 4-6PM Lighting Studio
5 Fri May 12 4-6PM Lighting Studio
6 Fri May 19 4-6PM Lighting Studio
7 Fri May 26 4-6PM Lighting Studio
8 Fri Jun 02 4-6PM Lighting Studio