Halo-Chrome Toning

Halo-Chrome Toning image

Halo-Chrome toning produces pure silver metallic sparkle in your black and white prints. You have to see it to believe it! (Effect: A black tree framed against a white sky: the tree becomes solid silver while the sky remains white.) Halo-Chrome can also be used to produce a black image against a silver background. (Effect: A black tree against a white sky: the sky becomes solid silver while the tree remains black.) On glossy papers Halo-Chrome gives a mirror-finish and on matte papers a brushed-silver finish.

Give this metallic toning process a try with instructor Kay Nowicki by your side step by magical step.

Halo-Chrome images are very difficult to photograph due to the metallic qualities they posess. Imagine a daguerreotype or come and see Kay's Halo-Chrome print in our member's show! Open through April 2022.

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May 2nd - May 16th, 2022
Members: $115, Nonmembers: $135

Session 1: May 2 - 16 with Kaley Nowicki

1 Mon May 02 6:30-9PM Silver Den
2 Mon May 09 6:30-9PM Silver Den
3 Mon May 16 6:30-9PM Silver Den