Learning to Draw What You See!

Learning to Draw What You See! image
Translate visual scenes into drawings. Learn how to see shapes, lines and color and render them as drawings on paper. Let go of drawing fears and expectations and enjoy the process of creating interesting artwork. This class begins with a variety of fun exercises that progress into landscapes, portraits and/or abstract and figurative artworks. This class is for beginners and also advanced artists who want to have some fun in a group setting! A suggested materials list will be provided upon enrollment.

Call 585-244-1730 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

October 14th - November 4th, 2021
Members: $180, Nonmembers: $200

Session 1: Thursdays, October 14 - November 4 with Josi Etter

1 Thu Oct 14 9-12PM Printmaking Studio
2 Thu Oct 21 9-12PM Printmaking Studio
3 Thu Oct 28 9-12PM Printmaking Studio
4 Thu Nov 04 9-12PM Printmaking Studio