Letterpress Angle Chase

Letterpress Angle Chase image

Traditional letterpress is often seen as a strictly constrained printing method where type is locked into a 90 degree grid. The Rotary Angle Chase allows for an otherwise static form to be rotated in increments all the way to 360 degrees from its starting point. This can allow for simple angles of one line or letter to complex “typographic Spiro-graph” printing.

This workshop will introduce the participants to the angle chase and its possibilities. This class is taught by Richard Kegler who developed and markets the Dry Inc. Rotary Angle Chase. Included: $10 materials fee.

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July 20th - July 20th, 2024
Members: $55, Nonmembers: $75

Session 1: Saturday, July 20th with Richard Kegler

Online Registration - 4 spots left
1 Sat Jul 20 6-9PM Book Arts Studio
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