Linoleum Block Printing

Linoleum Block Printing image
Learn the basics of linoleum block printing to create cards, fine art prints, or to add your own imagery to your letterpress work. Students will learn techniques for carving blocks, how to create and transfer imagery, printing, and how to sign and edition prints. Well experiment with printing on different types of paper, explore printing with multiple color plates, and experience printing on a press. No prior printing experience required. Students will leave with multiple prints and enough skills to continue printing at home. Included: $45 for materials.

Call 585-244-1730 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

January 12th - February 2nd, 2021
Members: $160, Nonmembers: $180

Session 1: Tuesdays January 12 - February 2 with Chris Charles

1 Tue Jan 12 6-8:30PM Book Arts Studio
2 Tue Jan 19 6-8:30PM Book Arts Studio
3 Tue Jan 26 6-8:30PM Book Arts Studio
4 Tue Feb 02 6-8:30PM Book Arts Studio