Maximize Your Digital Camera Use

Maximize Your Digital Camera Use image

Learn how to use your DSLR, Point & Shoot, and Smart Devices! Every camera is made up of four basic components. The body, sensor, shutter, and lens. All digital cameras have these same principles. This workshop will describe the advantages and disadvantages of all these digital cameras. Understand the pros and cons of each, and take advantage of the limitations to make interesting images. You will have hands-on demonstrations to explore the setting on your camera. You will learn how to photograph under a variety of lighting situations. Topics discussed in class will be applied to assignments shot outside of class as homework and experiences will be reviewed. Please bring your camera with a charged battery, a memory card, and the user manual with you to class.

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March 15th - March 29th, 2023
Members: $105, Nonmembers: $125

Session 1: March 15 - March 29 with Joe Ziolkowski

1 Wed Mar 15 6:30-8:30PM Sunken Room
2 Wed Mar 22 6:30-8:30PM Sunken Room
3 Wed Mar 29 6:30-8:30PM Sunken Room