Mudslingers Short Course (ages 10 - 13) for kids

Mudslingers Short Course (ages 10 - 13) image
Spring is not far off, and everyone will be soon back in the garden, including the birds. With them in mind, Caitlin will teach students how to make a useful working bird feeder. In the first session you'll construct your birds feeder, and in the second session you will glaze it. It will be ready for pickup a week to ten days after your last class - just in time to hand outside! Clay and firing are included. The classes are perfect for beginners to clay, more knowledgeable students can work at their own pace.

Call 585-271-5183 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

March 12th - March 26th, 2023
Members: $45, Nonmembers: $55

Session 1: March 12 & March 26 with Caitlin Chan

1 Sun Mar 12 1-3PM Ceramics Studio
2 Sun Mar 26 1-3PM Ceramics Studio