Plants to Paper: Papermaking with Natural Fibers

Plants to Paper: Papermaking with Natural Fibers image

Explore the art of hand papermaking, from preparing the pulp to forming sheets and drying. Learn to identify, harvest, and process natural fibers to create handmade paper. Students will identify and work with various plant fibers suitable for papermaking, including flax, cotton, hemp, and abaca. Gaining an understanding of papermaking practices while learning fiber extraction and processing methods, including beating, retting, and cooking, this class will focus on ecological responsibility and sustainable harvesting practices while making paper by hand. Students will explore the principles of sustainable harvesting and ethical sourcing of other natural materials, such as flower petals, leaves, and fibers, to incorporate into handmade paper. Included: $20 materials fee

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June 4th - June 25th, 2024
Members: $170, Nonmembers: $190

Session 1: Tuesday, June 4, 11, 18, 25 with Hope Taylor

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1 Tue Jun 04 1-3:30PM Papermaking Studio
2 Tue Jun 11 1-3:30PM Papermaking Studio
3 Tue Jun 18 1-3:30PM Papermaking Studio
4 Tue Jun 25 1-3:30PM Papermaking Studio
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