Push or Pull: Understanding Film

Push or Pull: Understanding Film image
What does it mean to have a good negative? In this class we’ll explore different exposure methods using interactive objects to ensure optimal results. We’ll develop negatives in developers that emphasize different strengths: sharpness, tonality or contrast. Finally, we’ll print from the experimental negatives and compare them with developed test rolls by your classmates. It is highly encouraged that all students are actively shooting throughout the whole class. Included: $25 for materials. Required: students must supply film and paper.

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February 24th - March 31st, 2021
Members: $185, Nonmembers: $205

Session 1: Wednesdays February 24 - March 31 with Jonathan Merritt

1 Wed Feb 24 6:30-9PM Silver Den
2 Wed Mar 03 6:30-9PM Silver Den
3 Wed Mar 10 6:30-9PM Silver Den
4 Wed Mar 17 6:30-9PM Silver Den
5 Wed Mar 24 6:30-9PM Silver Den
6 Wed Mar 31 6:30-9PM Silver Den