Emotional Containers: Creating Vessels to Hold Emotional Expressions

Emotional Containers: Creating Vessels to Hold Emotional Expressions image
This workshop explores how we contain our emotions as individuals. Participants will utilize small vessel making as a means of creating containers for each of the basic human emotions. There is a discussion component in this workshop, but no one needs to share anything they are uncomfortable sharing. This workshop aims to help people identify emotions, and utilize art making as a way to express and create through these emotions. In this exploration you will be both handbuilding and working on the wheel. Glazing and surface treatment will be discussed. No experience necessary. The class fee covers clay, glazes, and 20 pounds of firing.

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April 26th - June 14th, 2021
Members: $225, Nonmembers: $235

Session 1: April 26 - June 14 with Gina Sacino

1 Mon Apr 26 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio
2 Mon May 03 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio
3 Mon May 10 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio
4 Mon May 17 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio
5 Mon May 24 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio
6 Mon May 31 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio
7 Mon Jun 07 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio
8 Mon Jun 14 3-5:30PM Ceramics Studio