Advanced Surface Decoration

Advanced Surface Decoration image

Now you have some mastery over the form, the next challenge is making the final piece come out as you expect it to. This 8-week course is focused on adding surface treatments at all stages. Demonstrations will cover both handbuilding and wheel-thrown techniques, so some clay experience is necessary. Topics include slip decoration, wax resist, carving, water etching, and decorative techniques like glaze trailing. Clay can be purchased through the studio by calling 271 - 5183; we carry cone 6 and cone 10 bodies. Included: 20 pounds of firing, access to slip, and Open Studio hours.

Call 585-271-5183 or use the form below to register. Learn about membership.

April 16th - June 11th, 2023
Members: $295, Nonmembers: $315

Session 1: April 16 - June 11 (skips May 28 for Memorial Day wknd) with Andy Foster

1 Sun Apr 16 5-8PM Ceramics Studio
2 Sun Apr 23 5-8PM Ceramics Studio
3 Sun Apr 30 5-8PM Ceramics Studio
4 Sun May 07 5-8PM Ceramics Studio
5 Sun May 14 5-8PM Ceramics Studio
6 Sun May 21 5-8PM Ceramics Studio
7 Sun Jun 04 5-8PM Ceramics Studio
8 Sun Jun 11 5-8PM Ceramics Studio