Trace Monotype Accordions

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Trace Monoprinting is a simple, low-tech process that can be done without a printing press. It has a fuzzy line quality and can be quick and expressive. During the first session of this class, students will explore various trace monotype techniques through demonstration and hands-on application. During the second session, students will use their trace monotype creations to create an accordion book with book cloth-wrapped hard covers. Examples of books that innovate on the basic form of an accordion will be explored. All materials provided. Included: $10 materials fee.

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March 3rd - March 10th, 2024
Members: $75, Nonmembers: $95

Session 1: Sundays, March 3rd & 10th with Michaela Chan

Online Registration - 2 spots left
1 Sun Mar 03 12:30-3:30PM Book Arts Studio
2 Sun Mar 10 12:30-3:30PM Book Arts Studio
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